The Live Stage concert agency informs of the concert show of a very popular European rock band Sunrise Avenue in Riga, on May 10. The band will return to Latvia for a second visit, they participated in the Baltic Beach Party festival in summer, 2008.


The interesting fact is that today, when someone hears the title of the band, which will give the concert in our country, the first question arises - how recognizable they are in their homeland and in Europe, searching for information on the number of talent competitions or reality shows they won. But these facts do not describe the Finnish rock band Sunrise Avenue, which was formed in the far-off 1992, in the Finnish city of Espoo, and slowly gained recognition, playing for different audiences - first to their friends and acquaintances, then for the wider audience. Over these years, the band has changed its 17 members. Finnish rock band sold million copies of its album in 2012.
Sunrise Avenue will visit Riga with their show during the tour “OUT OF STYLE TOUR 2013”, which includes songs from their latest (fourth) album “Out Of Style”. This album's title song “Hollywood Hills” describes the nature of the band - with an ultra-melodic music, removing the boundaries between the different countries, as well as being able to get into the German music TOP 3. The album “Out of Style” was coproduced with their established partner Jukka Backlund and a new producer Jukka Immonen).
Tickets for Sunrise Avenue concert can be purchased in the Biļešu serviss sales points and online at from Tuesday, February 12 starting at 12:00. Ticket prices start at 20 LVL.
The band was established by Samu Haber – lyricist, lead singer and guitarist. Band leader about the album “Out of Style”: “I’m really happy with the results. You write the songs, some of them get selected, you produce and rearrange, and by the time you approve the final mix at the very end, the number of times you’ve heard the tracks is going to be four digits. But the moment when you actually put the disc into your car CD player, it’s pretty exciting.”
Over the past five years the band has received several local and international awards, from gold and platinum certificates for their albums/songs to Finnish Grammy, as well as sold out concerts and tours.
The band first won popularity only after 12 years after its formation, when they managed to reach an agreement with a small Scandinavian record label Bonnier after lengthy negotiations and numerous meetings. Sunrise Avenue gained popularity with their songs “Fairytale Gone Bad” and “Forever Yours” that were included in their studio album “On The Way To Wonderland” in 2006. Album won popularity in various charts, not only in Finland but also in Greece, Austria, Switzerland and Germany.
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