On the 18th of May, one of the most exciting young artists of Europe, Milow, will perform in Tallinn at Rock Café. This singer and songwriter from Belgium managed to work his way up to the top of European music charts by releasing music through Homerun Records, a label he founded in his bedroom.
Tickets will be available at Piletilevi box office from 6th of March 9AM.
Milow achieved all by himself and his bedroom record label - the high places on the music charts, platinum albums and sold out tours. His success started already with his first album “The Bigger Picture” (2006), which stayed on the Belgian album chart for 110 weeks.
Milow's international breakthrough came with the release of the single "Ayo Technology", a song originally written and recorded by 50 Cent, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland, from the album Milow. The song was a huge commercial success, receiving several platinum and gold certifications. Milow has released 6 albums so far, he has won many music prizes and has been nominated to several international music prizes, including MTV Music Awards. In 2012 Milow won his 12th MIA (Music Industry Awards), which makes him the record holder.
On his last tour Milow decided to have an intimate atmosphere instead of a huge stage show. He is on the stage together with the guitarist Tom Vanstiphout, two of them make a truly inspirational team of musicians. Milow’s concert in Riga was such a great success that Milow decided to visit also Estonia in the near future.
 At his Rock Café’s concert in Tallinn Milow will sing his biggest hits so far, his music from earlier years, Milow will also introduce his newest songs. “Every time I get on stage, I feel like that’s an opportunity to show a little bit more of myself,” Milow says. "Some of my songs are about really serious topics, but I also like to have fun, and I think my shows are where I can make that clear."
Milow (born Jonathan Vandenbroeck) has emerged as one of Europe’s most exciting young talents: a plugged-in singer-songwriter with the ability to touch a crowd and the pop know-how required to make great records. He’s an old-school soul with a new-fashioned sensibility, a troubadour fascinated by technology. Milow’s music gleams with the inherited songcraft of his heroes—Ryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen, Jack Johnson—but it also reflects a point of view all his own, with specific concerns about growing pains and the future of his generation. This combination of the intimate and the widescreen has won Milow a devoted fan base across Europe.
Milow has shared stage with some high-profile Americans and his favorites Jack Johnson and Brett Dennen. Even Kanye West is a fan and posted Milow’s cover of “Ayo Technology” to his blog, helping drive the song’s video to its current total of over 50 million views in Youtube.  

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